Tuition fees for American schools

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American education and class, income are almost equal, the tuition fee is set high, coupled with the ever-increasing exchange rate, the tuition fees of Chinese students in recent years have also risen. US tuition is calculated in one academic year and is 9 months per academic year. From September to May of the following year, most American universities offer summer courses from June to August. Although the fees are not uniform, in general, the fees charged by public universities in the United States are generally lower than those of private universities.

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The tuition fees of nearly 2,000 American universities in 2018-2019 have increased by 3% on average, and individual institutions have even increased by nearly 8%. Not only that, from the point of view of the charging standards, as the cost of international students in administration and management has increased significantly, more and more schools are beginning to charge for international students, ranging from a few thousand per year. At the same time, college tuition fees vary by profession. Generally speaking, students in science, engineering, computer, and fine arts usually have to bear more expenses, because these subjects require fields and equipment such as laboratories, computer rooms, and studios, while students in humanities and social sciences only need libraries. It is. For example, students at the Engineering School at the University of Illinois pay up to $5,000 more tuition than other students. According to the report of the American College Board, the average cost of books and supplies for public universities is $1,250 for the 2017-2018 school year and $1,220 for private universities.

Most students will choose a safer and cheaper school dormitory. Most of the foreign schools have electronic monitoring systems and professional security personnel. The school fees are different, but the overall average is 2000-7500 per semester. It is still acceptable. But as a result, the restrictions on freedom will be higher. At the same time, some schools will require students to live in the school dormitory for at least one year.