Rolling Whiteboards

Whiteboards have come a long way since they were invented. They are mostly a magnetic metal sheet which is coated in glossy and white surfaces. It is a more modern and cleaner upgrade from the traditional school blackboard. These boards are also known as dry erase boards and instead of using white chalk like the case of a traditional blackboard, black and other colors of markers are used to write on the whiteboard. These boards play a huge role in many places such as school, offices, and hospitals as well. They also have a lot of significant advantages attached to them, which include:

They Are Simple And Also Reusable

Whiteboards are very simple to use, and they do not require any new or special skill to do that. Just like the traditional blackboards, they are also reusable as all you have to do is erase what you’ve written and continued from where you’ve stopped. No matter where you are, these whiteboards are great in explaining anything from math problems and reading of texts. It is also used in the ranking of activities and matching exercises. In a class or the office place, they can be used for discussing activities for all to see and understand.

They Encourage Participation

Whiteboards are known to be collaborative and also play a huge role in promoting participation amongst people. This is because more than a person can get to use the board, which makes them a great teaching tool for class.

They Are Cost Efficient

Whiteboards are not expensive and also cost lesser to run. The average price of a whiteboard would cost about $45 to $50 dollars. Erasers also cost less at $3 to $8, and getting a dry erase marker should be an average of $5 each. Since a whiteboard is easily reusable, it saves you quite a lot of money.

They Can Be Used For A Lot Of Things

If you are looking for something so versatile and effective, then the whiteboard is for you. No matter where you are or what you are doing, there is always a need for a whiteboard. They can be used for brainstorming ideas, interactive activities, work, and classroom discussions. Since there are a lot of different types of whiteboards, you do not have to worry about one style as you can get the one which suits you and your needs better.

These boards go from Different sizes, and features, and some examples are:

  • Laminate whiteboards.
  • Lacquered steel whiteboards
  • Magnetic drywipe whiteboards
  • Two hinged panel whiteboards.
  • Handheld whiteboards.
  • Portable easel whiteboards.
  • Rolling whiteboards.

This way you get a board you can hang, roll, or even carry from place to place.

They Are Non-Messy To Use

Whiteboards are one of the best nonharmful equipment around they are much safer to use than blackboards in terms of dust. This is because markers leave no dust on your clothes and in the air.

Why Portable Boards Are Important

The use of portable whiteboards has brought about a lot of improvements in the educational sector as it has made learning simple and easier. The use of portable whiteboards are numerous, and one of the most obvious reasons is because you get to carry it along with you, that way, giving you a steady and fit alternative.

Some of the benefits of using a portable whiteboard include

  1. Makes it easier for students to make reviews and make lessons more convenient than using a fixed board. This way, students are more chances at expressing themselves.
  2. It can be carried from one place to another and does not require an additional cost of fixing.
  3. It is a good way to engage students to work together and cooperatively.
  4. It is good for places which are used for other events as you do not have to cover it; all you have to do is take it away.
  5. It is a great kind of tool for discussion and demonstrative sessions.


Everything with an advantage surely has a disadvantage and the most common ones for a portable whiteboard is the fact it needs to be carried to and from a class which can be pretty stressful from time to time. But regardless, a portable whiteboard is a good choice to make