Long-term consideration is required before going to the US to study

Studying in the US is not a simple matter of which school you want to apply for. You need to consider all aspects of your own conditions, school strength, and majors. If the analysis is not good, you can find a study agent to help. According to the evaluations of study agents (also known as 留学中介测评) by netizen over the years, some study agents in China are of poor quality and low in professionalism. Some of the larger foreign study agents in foreign countries have to rely on much, such as Dream Go, and the reputation among international students is very good.

In addition, when choosing a major, we should consider the current and future employment situation in the long run. What professional development situation is better, and the higher salary level is a factor we should consider. Another important point is the legal status of the job, whether it is easier for your chosen major to obtain a visa that we can stay in the US. Many people choose to apply for an h1b visa (also known as h1b签证) after work. The H1B visa is the most important type of work visa in the United States. It is a non-immigrant visa for employees with foreign professional skills who are employed by US companies. Holders of H1B visas can work in the United States for three years and then extend for another three years for a total of six years. However, the application process for the h1b visa is cumbersome and the preparation of the information is cumbersome. Therefore, you can choose to entrust the professional h1b law firm to apply for it. There are also many h1b law firm evaluations (also known as h1b律所测评) on the Internet. They also introduce various law firms such as goh1b and NYIS Law Firm (also known as纽约小纽律师事务所). The details of the situation can be a good reference for everyone.

A green card is also a good choice. The green card is an identification document used to prove that a foreigner has permanent resident status in the United States. However, it is more difficult to apply for a green card. If you want to apply, you need to prepare early and keep an eye on the immigration schedule (also known as 移民排期). You can also choose to apply for the law firm and prepare the materials. In the evaluation of the relevant law firm of mitbbs eb23, Green Card Legal’s evaluation is very high, and there is almost no bad review.