Five Ways Language Laboratory Can Help Boost Students Confidence While Speaking

Ignore oral examinations, confidence while speaking is certainly the most valuable skill any language student could have as they go into the world to utilize their language in a real-life situation. Most students could understand much more than they feel they could say. However, confidence gives students the opportunity to get a go and do not worry about committing any odd mistake or error here and there.

Below are some ways in which a language laboratory could help in improving the confidence of students while speaking:

#1: More quality time for practicing in class

The traditional pattern for speaking practice while in class implies that students only get the chance to speak whenever their names are called, or during the time allotted with the student sitting right next to them. With a good language laboratory like the English language lab by Robotel, students can work independently on their various speaking exercises, giving them the time to work at their own pace as well as maximizing the amount of time they could spend speaking. They can be paired with various students as well, either specifically selected or at random, without having any need to disrupt the lesson or move their seats.

#2: Practice at home

The students could record themselves as well while practicing at home and upload or email these speaking files to their various language teacher. A language laboratory is very flexible and it encourages anywhere, anytime learning.

#3: Absence of pressure from speaking in front of the whole class

Most students often get ‘stage fright’ whenever they have to speak in front of the entire class, particularly using a foreign language. A language laboratory eliminates this. It gives the students the opportunity to practice independently, while their teachers could monitor their activity by paying attention and listening. As a teacher, you could collect all the student’s files for proper marking and checking how far they have gone.

#4: Self-evaluation

The students will be able to listen to their voices and replay their recordings, which allows them to self-evaluate their fluency and pronunciation.

#5: Students usually love using technology

Making technology a vital part of your language teaching could be very motivating and could help in building the confidence of students. A language laboratory gives the teacher complete control of the PC functions, websites, and other related distractions lockout ability.